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Hopsital Information System

Category: Uncategorised Published on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 Written by Ronny Loekito

Description: A Hospital Information System encompasses every aspect from administration to its financial department. It also includes everything from patient entry and discharge to laboratory tests. Its purpose is to coordinate and/or regulate information throughout the entire hospital. It helps to keep doctors, nurses, and other hospital personel informed and up-to-date.Hospital information systems are implemented through various IT companies that specialize in health informatics. These systems are implemented in order to do away with paper based systems. These HIS systems help with keeping patient information in a computer so it is easily accessible by all of the personell of the hospital. Also, by implementing a computer system the hospital is able to recognize trends that the human eye might not be able to see through paper systems. Databases are filled up so data can be organized. Also there are less hospital errors because everybody can understand and read a computer. Before when doctors wrote on paper their hand writing couldn't be understood because it wasn't writted properly. These systems also help with the collaboration between different hospitals in order to reduce duplicate testing. Time is also saved by looking at previous data instead of having to re-write it every time the patient goes to a different hospital. 

Applications:A hospital information system has many different aspects incorporated within itself. Technology allows for the information within these systems to flow more easily and more accurately. Some of these systems include:

Clinical Information System (CIS)
Financial Information System (FIS)
Laboratory Informatin System (LIS)
Nursing Information System (NIS)
Pharamacy Information System (PIS)
Picture Archiving Commuication System (PACS)
Radiology Information System (RIS)

These systems help with the preservation of data so it may be evaluated at a later time. These systems help with the ease of transfer and reading of the data.

Why HIS aren't used:

HIS are very expensive and time consuming systems to put into place. In order for hospitals to implement HIS we need to be able to provide enough money to actually pay the price for technology. Also, the time it takes to put these systems in place and actually see quality returns could take too many years. Most people want to see the outcome instantly, which in this case just doesn't happen. Also, we must change the way hospital employees think. Hospitals believe that if it already works then why change it. They don't feel like having a computer in front of them could actually change the process. It can even be difficult for these employees to get used to the new computers and systems. 


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